Posterior Cranioplasty
Three years ago to this day (11/15/2012) you performed a surgery on me. (anterior and posterior cranioplasty) I want to thank you again for changing my life for the better . I am very well and I don’t use a cap since.

Sincerely , I thank God for allowing me to meet you.

Thank you for all.
Hamid A.
Paris, France
Occipital Augmentation
I had a cranioplasty surgery last Tuesday morning and my head looks great. I threw away my baseball hats today. Thank you very much.
Sue K.
Chicago, Illinois
Anterior and Posterior Skull Augmentation
It’s exactly a year – to the day – you performed surgery on me for my dysmorphic skull. (anterior and posterior cranioplasty with HA and PMMA) I want to thank you for the excellent conditions under which happened for my surgery and your warm welcome and your patience and amiability in answering all my questions. All these factors helped me to have the surgery for my long-standing skull disfigurement.With hindsight I can evaluate the result to be 80 % of what I hoped (percentage by which I am very satisfied because of the severity of dysmorphia, a persistent posterior flattening ) and I am convinced that this is the maximum that we can correct. I am very surprised at the result of the anterior cranioplasty, it is perfect and impossible to notice. My scar is better than before (Except for my 13 year old daughter, nobody noticed anything) I want to thank you for getting me out of a very long nightmare…I found again the joy of living…thank you very much!!
Sven P
Stockholm, Sweden
Sagittal Ridge Skull Reduction
The stitches are gone and the work looks great!!! That ridge in the top of my head is finally gone. Tell Dr. Eppley and all of the crew there thank you very much and I will recommend your guys work to anybody!!! Thanks again and enjoy the summer !!!!

God Bless!
Michael K
Lexington, Kentucky
Temporal Reduction
My results are exceptional, Dr. Eppley is a true sculptor. I wake up smiling and looking forward to looking in the mirror. I think I got exactly what you projected and what I desired. No pain, minimal swelling and the final result is still to be realized because the sides of my head is still healing. But it looks great already and will only look better when it is fully healed. I would recommend this operation to anyone who has my same problem.
Randy R
Trinidad, Tobago
Brow Bone Reduction
About 3 months ago, you performed the brow bone reduction as well as temporal reduction. I just wanted to say everything went well. The swelling largely went away by the three weeks after surgery. The appearance of the scalp incision is now almost completely gone. The difference was rather dramatic at first but now I don’t notice it because it looks natural. Thanks a lot for your expertise!
Lance M
Boise, Idaho
Anterior and Posterior Cranioplasty
It has been exactly 2 years to the day that you performed a surgery for my dysmorphic skull with an anterior and posterior cranioplasty. I want to thank you very much for the excellent surgery you did for me and I must say that I am very happy with this result. With hindsight I can evaluate the result to 80 % of what I hoped ( percentage by which I am very satisfied because of the severity of deformity) and I am convinced that this is the maximum that we can correct. I am very surprised at the result of the anterior cranioplasty as it is perfect and impossible to notice. Your staff was wonderful and your patience in asnwering all of my questions made it possible for me to even go through the surgery.
Muhammed D
London, United Kingdom
Skull Bump Reduction
Thanks for your excellent surgical work and care from my recent skull reshaping surgery. I could see immediately that my skull problem was better even the next day when you removed my dressing. But most importantly I now feel better about a lifelong concern that I have had. Thanks for the comprehensive and good work you performed on my skull 🙂 Have a nice weekend and a great Christmas.
Michael F
Oslo, Norway
Forehead Reshaping and Hairline Lowering
I wanted to thank you for all your have done for me. Righth after surgery I was not sure how much improvement had been obtained. But in looking at the pictures and seeing how I look now, I realize how far I have come.You did an AMAZING job. The swelling is still slightly there, but I love it. I cant wait to put my hair in a bun. Thank you so much. You have an amazing staff.
Karen S
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Occipital Augmentation
There is definitely is a difference. You did a good job. Trying to explain this surgery to people is very difficult. The main reason I got it done was to look more normal.
I saw three doctors in my city who told me it was impossible to change the shape of the head. I found you by putting “I hate the shape of my head” in Google. I’ve searched for it the last seven or eight years…always nothing until last year. By fluke on a message board someone put a link to your site.

It was so nice to see someone that understood what the heck I was talking about. And could correct it. Before surgery my posture was bad and my self confidence was low. Now it feels so good. To be able to be able to stand straight. And my left shoulder not slumped forward. And head not titled down. I can finally look straight ahead. Not down all the time.

Like the saying goes ‘there’s no dollar sign on peace of mind.
James H
Edmonton, Canada
Skull Implant
Just wanted to thank you for all the work you did on me! I seem to have recovered really well and quite fast and loving what I see!! II’ve been meaning to email you for the last few days to say thank you . THANK YOU :):) I’m really happy with what you’ve done for me!! My skull bumps are gone and my head is very smooth. I now feel comfortable shaving my head!
Sam S
Los Angeles, California
Forehead Augmentation
Thank you so much for your work on my forehead. As the scalp scar heals I can see a significant difference. Thank you so much sir. You are one of the best surgeons. I will return to you after having kids for some nip and tuck. You are the best surgeon and very knowledgeable. Thank you for the confidence you have given me.
Karen S
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Head Widening Implants
I had to email you just to say thank you. My swelling has nearly gone and I am extremely happy with the results. It could not of gone any better and I am super excited. I looked to write a very positive review for you on Realself and will be looking to post positive reviews wherever possible. I will definitely come back to you for any procedures in the future. Again many thanks!
Wes M
London, England
Sagittal Ridge Skull Reduction
It’s been about 6 months since my surgery for sagittal ridge reduction and I am very pleased with the results. Besides the anesthesia making me loopy, the experience was great and you and your staff were great and more than accommodating. I had such a good experience I am now wondering if it would be possible to shape the front of my skull with an implant. There is a depression there that is becoming more apparent. I trust you and your judgement and am wondering if this is feasible. Thank You.
Nick S
Helena, Montana
Fronto-Temporal Skull Implant
It’s been over a year since I had my frontotemporal skull implant surgery with you and I’m quite satisfied with how things have turned out. I had been to so many other plastic surgeons who promised they could get my forehead and temples just right but they always missed the mark. You were my last hope and even though you were so far away I decided to make the trip. It all turned out so well the far distance was more than worth it! Thanks for your expertise and hard work to get it just right, you are indeed the world class surgeon that so many people say you are. My results have exceeded your reputation.
Paul S
Brisbane, Australia
Temporal Artery Ligation
I just wanted to give you an update on my temporal artery ligation procedure from last week. It was actually a little more uncomfortable than i thought about 30 minutes from hen we were done and the local had worn off. Nothing a couple of Ibuprofen could not take care of though.Just something future patients might want to be aware of. The small stitches are obviously not out yet, but the procedure seems to have been a success. I am very happy with the results so far. Thank you very much for your professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail. I know there are a lot of naysayers on the internet about thus procedure but obviously they did not have it done by you!. I have already made a recommendation for you online in a forum specific to this issue.
David K
Boulder, Colorado
Temporal Artery Ligation
I just wanted to give you an update after your temporal artery ligation procedure on the right side of my head. The scars are healing nicely. At the end of the procedure you felt a slight pulse where the artery branched off in a “y” shape. This area re-appears every so often now. Not nearly as often or as prominent as before and it disappears much quicker now. The bottom portion of the artery has not re-appeared since the procedure.
Ryan G
Helena, Montana
Skull Implant with Occipital Knob Reduction
Thank you so much for sending my after surgery picturess. I am doing well recovering, and extremely happy about the result from the surgery. I am really grateful to you for what you did for me, and I believe it’s one of the best dicisions that i have ever made. You have a wonderful team working for your patients, everyone of you was very nice and helpful. I want to thank you again for your amazing skull reshaping job! With my best wishes,
Lee W
Des Moines, Iowa


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